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1. Positive Singles is a great site that has been very helpful. 
It is a very helpful site that helped me build my confidence back up and realize I was not alone. I was able to find a few friends on the site and an individual not on the site that is extremely supportive and accepting of everything! It’s nice knowing that there are people out there who have had to deal with the same things. Life is a struggle sometimes but you need to keep your chin up and move on!


2.I am in a great relationship with someone I meet on PositiveSingles .

I met several great people and one super lady. I am hoping to never have to return. Service was great. I may be back. I will see how things go with the people I’ve met.


3.My Positive Singles Review about meeting a wonderful man!!

I have met a wonderful man!! After years of trying after only a few days I have met someone that is perfect for me! He is everything I have imagined and we want the same things out of life :) thanks so much for a safe and great enviroment for meeting people with the same condition.


4. Met my match on PS
We corresponded for about 2 weeks before we met in person. We met for dinner on a Thursday night in my neighborhood and went for tea and a walk afterwards. We had a good rapport through e-mail and we spoke once on the phone before meeting. Our second date was 3 weeks later as we were both on vacations but we stayed in touch through text – even though we’re both in our 40’s. We’re not planning on getting married as it’s not something that is important to either of us but we are planning on living together in the summer. I personally met a lot of nice guys on the site before my current partner, we just didn’t have the chemistry. I was very happy with the site and the quality of people that I met. Keep up the good work!


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